At Foresea, we believe that our members are our most valuable assets. We have common behaviors and attitudes that reinforce the company's identity. We select, integrate, assess, and promote individuals aligned with the behaviors of our culture that lead us to a virtuous circle.

We are aligned with the ESG agenda (Environmental, Social, and Governance), adopting actions and attitudes that have a positive impact on the people and places with which we interact.

Culturally, we believe that each member should be the protagonist of their own journey, supported by their leadership, which plays a fundamental role in personal development.

Internally and externally, we are perceived through our daily actions, interactions among people, approaches to decision-making, achievements, delivered results, and integration into communities.


Team Foresea

Entry Programs

Our Culture

We draw on our Culture, grounded in a humanistic approach, focusing on behaviors and the strength of people, as our guiding reference. Within our Culture lie the learnings and knowledge generated by generations of entrepreneurs and teams, encompassing the current policies at Foresea. 

This is the way we make things happen, bringing coherence and harmony to each member's way of serving, acting, and coexisting today and tomorrow.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Program (DI&E)

We align ourselves with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, seeking to ensure that all our members have equal opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize individual differences, eliminating or minimizing any potential barriers.

We encourage each member to take a personal commitment to the diversity agenda and, in their day-to-day activities, embrace, respect, and enhance diversity in their work environment. We believe that diversity boosts people's engagement and enhances results generation.

At Foresea, we have a structured Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program aimed at making the company increasingly diverse through organized actions to increase awareness and engagement among members.

Currently, the company has four affinity groups (AGs): gender equity, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIAPN+, and race and ethnicity. Each group has a team of ambassadors, composed of volunteer members, who actively participate in executing actions and developing the program according to the AG with which individuals most identify.


Opportunities for those just starting out

At Foresea, we have many opportunities and we are looking for committed, innovative people who are passionate about what they do and whose values are aligned with our company and have a lot of energy and courage to take on a sea of opportunities.

If you are constantly looking for new challenges, want to evolve in your career and make a difference in the world, discover our Programs.

The program aims to be an agent of transformation in the lives of young people in the communities that interact with Foresea through insertion into the job market, through a structure that provides theoretical and practical learning. Promotes the inclusion of young people from peripheral communities in the job market, whether preparing them to be used in other career paths at Foresea or to face challenges in the job market.

Provide interns with an understanding of their business through the exchange of experiences, relationships with leaders and other members of Foresea, with exposure to challenges within the area in which they work and with activities that are aligned with their training. In addition to development opportunities through topics relevant to self-knowledge, time management, as well as exchanging experiences through examples, practical exercises and contact with leaders and people, so that they can take on increasing challenges and contribute to the growth and perpetuity of Foresea.

Our Trainee Program aims to provide intense learning, a higher level of professional engagement and development experiences in the oil and gas market over 2 years. Furthermore, it aims to ensure a long-term pipeline for the company's new challenges, improve employee engagement and ensure the development of knowledge multipliers, be a reference as an inclusive employer, reinforce Foresea's employer brand and create opportunities for innovation. and improvement.

The program is a partnership between Foresea and CIAGA – Centro Instrução Almirante Graça Aranha, a reference center for the training of highly qualified Merchant Navy Officers – EFOMM, with the aim of hiring practicing interns, led by the People and Assets (Maritime Management). The objective is to prepare new members for the role of Second Engineer Officer, within Foresea's values, integrated into our Management System and the most diverse Programs, including Gender Equality. We will also take the racial issue into consideration with a close look at this topic when selecting, seeking greater Diversity within our program.

Opportunities for those who already have experience

We are looking for committed, diverse, innovative professionals who are passionate about what they do and whose values are aligned with those of Foresea.

We value respect for people, regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, citizenship, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender expression.

A success story

is not written alone

Your energy makes a difference

here and in the world!

If you are constantly seeking new challenges, aiming to advance in your career, and wanna make a difference in the world, join our team!

We are looking for committed, innovative professionals who are passionate about what they do and whose values align with those of Foresea.

Do you want to be part of our team?

Performance Management – PA's cycle


In the Assessment process, we seek to identify Performance and Partner Alignment with Company Culture.


The preparation of the PA Planning and Pact consists of dialogue, negotiation and agreement between Leader and Follower.

Monitoring Feedback

Monitoring of the PA Cycle must happen through of continuous dialogue between Leader and Follower, in the daily exercise of the Pedagogy of Presence.


In managing performance, the leader demonstrates a continual commitment to creating and consolidating a trusting relationship with their subordinate. Through this process, the leader highlights the strengths of their subordinate and clarifies their areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. For effective dialogue between the leader and the subordinate, it is essential for the leader to be willing to influence and be influenced in the pursuit of what is right.

The management of the subordinate's performance should occur both informally, in day-to-day interactions and opportune moments, and formally, during goal-setting, monitoring, and the closure of the annual Performance Management cycle, which includes the evaluation of the Action Plan (PA).

Continuously, the leader and subordinate should engage in dialogue regarding the practice of Our Culture and policies, generated results, specific knowledge, as well as the potential and willingness to develop within the company. It is the leader's responsibility to understand the life and career purpose of each subordinate and discuss their next steps.

The Action Plan (PA) is a valuable tool to support performance management. Additionally, evaluation is crucial for determining the variable compensation (VC) of our members, which is conducted annually or semi-annually, depending on the employment arrangement and role.

Benefits and Good Practices

In addition to benefits such as food vouchers, transport vouchers, health and dental plans, private pension plans and life insurance, our members benefit from the best practices below:

The benefit can be enjoyed from the date of birth of the child until he or she turns 10 years and 11 months old.

Foresea members (mothers and fathers) are entitled to the babysitting benefit. Financial support can be used from the date of birth of the child until the age of 3 years and 11 months. After this age, the child must be enrolled in educational education to have the benefit continue.

Foresea understands that the well-being of its members is fundamental to their quality of life. With this in mind, together with a partner company providing psychological support and online advisory services, we offer a set of completely free solutions aimed at supporting members and their legal dependents in times of need, from simpler situations to more critical cases: Psychological assistance; legal guidance; financial consultancy; social assistance.

Aiming to offer even greater well-being and quality of life to its members, Foresea offers Gympass – the platform that gives access to around 20 thousand accredited gyms in Brazil, spread across more than 1.2 thousand cities. Members who choose to join the benefit will receive: discount on monthly fees; possibility of choosing between different plan options; freedom to train in different establishments and modalities every day, close to your home or wherever you want.

The program offers Foresea's new moms and dads personalized support for members and spouses of members throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, informative lectures, exclusive parking spaces for pregnant women at the Rio office and at the Macaé base. Rest of fifteen days in addition to maternity leave for breastfeeding or flexible working hours for mothers until the child is six months old, with a three-hour reduction in the daily working hours; Space to support breastfeeding, intended for collecting and storing milk in a refrigerator, until the mother returns home; Paternity leave extended from five to fifteen days for onshore members.

Foresea understands the challenges of urban mobility and that the balance between professional responsibilities and personal life is essential for the well-being of its members and that is why it has introduced some practices to support members in time management.

Aligned between leader and led, suggestion from Monday to Friday: entry from 07:00 to 09:30 and departure from 16:45 to 19:15.

Compensation agreement made between the Company and Members, so that overtime worked on a working day is compensated with the corresponding reduction in working hours at another time.

Foresea believes that its members' birthdays are a special date that deserves to be celebrated. Therefore, each member has the right to Day Off. If your birthday is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, your Day Off will be on the first working day after that date.

With the aim of providing better planning and use of holidays for rest or leisure, Foresea's Good Practice is to offer Bridge Days, whenever a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday.

In a light and relaxed atmosphere, leaders and employees talked about various topics such as professional experience, family, hobbies, strategies, improvements, suggestions and everything that adds greater efficiency to the company and the relationship of trust between the people who work there.