The sustainable management of our business lies in the pursuit of operational excellence in our activities, aligned with our commitments to sustainable, responsible, and people-oriented practices, as well as the preservation of the environment in the short, medium, and long terms.

In addition to our commitment to transparency and compliance with laws and regulations governing our activities, we strive to understand trends, risks, and opportunities. We do this through associations and global indicators applicable to each operating location in areas related to people, safety, environment, and climate change.

Principles of the Management of


Click here to learn more about our Principles of The Management of Sustainability, that correspond to an unfolding of the Sustainability Policy and represent the commitment of all company employees or those acting on their behalf.

Health and

Safety is one of the pillars of our approach in the oil & gas industry. The management of operational and occupational risks, aiming to prevent accidents and negative impacts on people and the environment, is one of our main responsibilities in our daily activities. To achieve this, we execute our operations in an integrated and planned manner, focusing on risk prevention and control, so that everyone can work safely and act as promoters of a strong culture of health and safety.


The planning of activities of prevention and environmental impacts control at Foresea includes a proactive policy focused on managing solid waste, liquid effluents, atmospheric emissions, and the use of natural resources, among others. Our commitment to the efficient use of natural resources and the mitigation of negative environmental impacts is reflected in a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) certified in ISO 14001 and integrated with quality and occupational health and safety systems. Through the guidelines, tools, and practices of the EMS, we ensure the compliance of operations with applicable legal requirements and the criteria established by our clients.

Social and
Environmental Responsibility

Contributing to the socio-economic and environmental development of the communities where we operate is one of the priorities of our sustainability management. Formalized through outcome and impact indicators aligned with the universal principles of the UN Global Compact's 2030 Agenda, we seek to drive projects in the areas of income generation, entrepreneurship, environment, and socio-economic development of the region, valuing the local vocation and culture through public-private partnerships.