Foresea Commitment

Our Compliance System translates, through preventive, detective, and corrective practices applied on a daily basis, Foresea's formal commitment to act with ethics, integrity, and truth in everything we do. This is how we establish the "tone at the top" at Foresea: individuals dedicated to unequivocally demonstrating their determination to become an ever-improving company.
Learn more about this commitment through the letter from our senior management.

Compliance System

In addition to our commitment, we bring together processes of excellence that enable Foresea to achieve its objectives. We operate with precision in every detail. These practices are summarized in the framework below, where we provide a didactic explanation of how our Compliance System operates.

Foresea's governance structure ensures that all compliance matters are treated with seriousness, independence, and ethics.

Our normative documents guide and reinforce the expected conduct at Foresea.

Understanding the existing risks at Foresea is essential for monitoring and mitigating those risks.

We constantly provide training and communication initiatives aimed at raising awareness about ethical, integral, and truthful behavior. The more knowledge we acquire, the better prepared we are to tackle challenges.

We are accountable for our actions, which is why we conduct integrity assessments on everyone, whether they are members, suppliers, clients, partners, or beneficiaries of donations and sponsorships.

Engaging in collective actions reinforces our commitment to operate with ethics, integrity, and truth. We share experiences and positively influence leaders from other companies while also being influenced by them.

A secure tool that facilitates the detection of deviations. It is an independent communication channel open to members, clients, partners, third parties, or anyone else, guided by confidentiality and the prohibition of retaliation against good-faith whistleblowers.

Monitoring risks and controls involves the ongoing evaluation of internal processes to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness in anticipating and mitigating risks. Through this monitoring, we identify opportunities for improvement in processes and internal controls, leading to the implementation of necessary enhancements and corrections.

Once risks are identified, assessed, and measured, we determine how to address situations of exposure to remaining risks. Options for risk treatment include elimination, reduction, sharing, or acceptance, all while respecting risk tolerance and appetite.

Disciplinary measures are applied as a result of non-compliance with the current applicable laws and the company's guidelines, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, our policies, and other regulations.



Code of Conduct

Document that guides our actions and decisions in our daily routine.

Third-Party Code of Conduct

Principles and commitments expected from our partners.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

We adhere to national and international anti-corruption laws.

Economic Sanctions Policy

We respect the applicable economic sanctions to our businesses.

Compliance System Policy

Our system safeguards Foresea's reputation, manages risks, and reinforces everyone's trust.

Ethics Channel

Our Ethics Channel assists us in building the company we aspire to be. We take care of ourselves, others, and the environment. It's an exclusive Foresea platform for secure communication, and if desired, anonymous reporting of behaviors deemed unethical or in violation of current laws. The Compliance team believes in the potential of every team and is here to collaborate. If you have questions, uncertainties, or suspicions, feel free to share them with us!

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Current laws should not only be followed out of legal obligation but can also serve as a reference for process structuring and concept definition. Below, you'll find the laws, standards, and regulations that underpin our Compliance System.

Law 8.429/92

“Administrative Impropriety Law”

Law 8.666/93

“Public Bidding and Administrative Contracts Law”

Law 9.613/98

“Anti-Money Laundering Law”

Law 11.079/04

“Public-Private Partnerships Law”


"Responsibility for acts against the public administration"

Law 12.529/11

“Competition Defense Law”

Law 12.813/13

“Conflict of Interest Law”

Law 12.846/13

“Anti-Corruption Law”

Law 14.133/21

“New Public Bidding and Administrative Contracts Law”

Law 14.457/22

Sets the program “Hiring more women”

351 CNJ

Protection against moral harassmentdecr